Test Packages

We sell text packages for courses within the disciplines of Chemistry and Physics. Availability of test packages is given below. This list will be updated as more tests become available.

We will no longer be selling paper copies of our tests, instead we will send you an electronic copy upon payment. Also, membership is $5! After that you will be given special deals on events and tests.

Please come during office hours in order to purchase a test package.

Package details are stated below.

(M) = Member

(NM) = Non Member

Last Updated On: February 17, 2013


Course Price
CHM110/120 $2 (M), $4 (NM)
CHM211 $2 (M), $4 (NM)
CHM231 $5 (M), $7 (NM)
CHM243 $2 (M), $4 (NM)
CHM311 $2 (M), $4 (NM)
CHM331 $5 (M), $7 (NM)
CHM333 $2 (M), $4 (NM)
CHM347 $2 (M), $4 (NM)
CHM362 $5 (M), $7 (NM)
CHM371 $2 (M), $4 (NM)
CHM416 $2 (M), $4 (NM)
JCP221 $2 (M), $4 (NM)


Course Price
PHY137 (135/136) $2 (M), $4 (NM)

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