What is the Mentorship Program?

This program aims at providing undergraduate students with a connection to upper year students (friends) in chemical and physical sciences programs. The goal of the program is to provide adequate guidance from and interaction with upper year students (Mentors) for freshman and sophomore student's (Mentee).

Timely suggestions and proper guidance from upper year students who have gone through the same process recently is a valuable asset. It can result in a reduced stress and enriched university experience (academic and non-academic). Most students do not have upper year siblings or friends to turn for advice. Thus this program aims at filling that gap.

How does the Program Work?

Mentees (first and second year students) will be paired with Mentors (third and fourth year students) based on their interests, program and other factors. Each mentor will have one or two Mentee(s). There will be an end of the year reception where all ECPS mentors and mentees will meet.

Requirements of the Program

  • Mentors meet with their Mentees at least twice a month for one hour each time. The mentees can contact the mentors through any means of communications such as in person, email, phone or Facebook.
  • Mentors must attend 3 out of 6 ECPS events with Mentee(s) to engage Mentee(s) into the academic society, and thus into the university. Attending one ECPS event with your Mentee(s) will count as one meeting.
  • Mentors must spend a total of 15 hours with their Mentee to obtain a Mentor Volunteer Certificate.
  • Mentors can...

    • Provide course reviews, program guidance and in general share their personal university experiences.
    • Direct Mentee(s) to professional services on and off campus (such as : Career Centre for Career Exploration, Academic skills centre for time management, study strategies, mastering tests and exams, etc.).
    • Introduce Mentee(s) to their friends
    • They should maintain a respectful student relationship with their Mentee(s).

    Mentors cannot...

    • Tutor or assess course work in any way.
    • Break the rules of the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters or the University's Code of Student Conduct.
    • Mentors are upper year friends. They do not substitute professional help at UTM.

Why Should You Join this Program?

Benefit to Mentors:

  • Mentoring experience can be put on your CV/Resume.
  • Mentor Volunteer Recognition certificate (if you fulfill 15 hours volunteering).
  • Self-less giving back to the university community

Benefit to Mentees:

  • Guidance from upper year students who have gone through the same process recently.
  • Networking with your upper year mentor and other upper year students.
  • People to buy used books from.

How to Apply & More Information...

Thus the Mentorship Program is a chance for academic and social development of those involved in it, both Mentors and Mentees. It will allow you to make new friends, get more connected with the university, gain tips and suggestions and help to be a more successful student. There will be fun, work and much more!

Please contact ecpsutm@gmail.com or Kevin at kaiwen.jiang@utoronto.ca for any concerns or queries you may have.

The Mentorship program is currently accepting applications for both Mentors and Mentees!

Deadline to Apply: Monday, October 10th, 2011

Important Documents (please right-click and save):
Mentorship Program 2011 Outline
Mentee Application Form
Mentor Application Form

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Our Goals

We are here to serve you! Please see the "About Us" section for more information about ECPS. Our goals are the following:

  • To assist students in their academic achievements
  • To facilitate interaction and enhance positive relationship between the students and the faculty as well as between undergraduate students and graduate students
  • To increase the awareness of chemical and physical sciences into the general public

Contact Us

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