Awards Received

Dedication and enthusiasm has won ECPS many awards including the following:

The Ian Orchard Student Initiative Fund

The Ian Orchard Student Initiative Fund's objective is to aid student groups in funding for their events and activities to better the student community's experience and develop harmony on campus.

The Dean's Academic Society Prize

The Dean's Academic Society Prize is a source of funding given to academic soceities for assistance in activities that increase student-faculty and first- and upper- year students involvement.

Student Chapter Merit Award of the Canadian Society for Chemistry

ECPS won the first place title of the Student Chapter Merit Award of the Canadian Society for Chemistry. Our commitment and spirit in "sharing [our] love of chemistry with the public and in "bridging the gap between students and faculty" were commended.

Achievements in the Year of 2010-11

2010-2011 was a successful year for ECPS. Apart from carrying on the highlights from previous years, this year ECPS also introduced new events and services to all our members, in both the academic and social fashion.

Academic Events

Excel Workshop

In order to assist our members in academic achievement, ECPS brought in a new event Excel Workshop to serve those who have difficulties about Excel program, which is widely used in chemistry and physics courses. This event occurred twice this year and ECPS achieved an outstanding attendance for each of them. It also received tremendous amount of positive feedback from the librarian and CPS faculty.

Mentor Program

Mentor Program was successfully established in the chemistry and physical science department in 2010-2011 by ECPS. This program greatly strengthened the interaction between the junior and senior students and received the greatest support and feedback from both the department and the members.

Lab Tours

Another new event Lab Tour was offered twice this year in collaboration with instructors of laboratory courses. During this event, first year and second year students were given the chance to visit the upper year laboratory to decide their future direction of academic studies.

NSERC Career Talk

ECPS offered NSERC Career Talk Night in collaboration with the Career center which gave the members a clearer perspective regarding to industry researches in order to provide students information relates to research opportunities.

Professional Symposium

ECPS also presented the Professional Symposium which invited the current research students in UTM to hand out information about the latest research projects in UTM. This is the very first undergraduate and graduate collaboration symposium in the department. This event not only enhanced the relationship between faculty and students but also graduate students and undergraduate students.

Services Offered

Test Pacakages and Newsletters

Besides events, ECPS also provided past test packages and published two biannual newspapers to our members.

Social Events

In addition, ECPS also organized several social events to enrich the university experience for the members.

ECPS Opening Night

The first event of ECPS in Fall 2010, the ECPS Opening Night provided a great starting point on the students' experience, as well as making new friends among the same program.

Meet the Prof Night

Meet the Prof Night in late October was conducted exceptionally in both attendance and ambiance, more than half of the professors from the CPS department presented to the event. Our Meet the Prof Night had the uniqueness of not just networking but also allowing the members to meet the professors in a personal level. Professors opened up their personal life and experiences and built a strong relationship with the students.

International Year of Chemistry - 2011

2011 is the International Year of Chemistry. ECPS presented a large amount of campaigns and events to celebrate this international event. The Periodic Table Champaign and Chemistry jeopardy were the starting events and Professional Symposium was also one of the International Year of Chemistry celebration events. During these events, ECPS had raised the awareness about chemistry among the campus, as well as increase the reputation of UTM to the public. One of our amazing events in order to celebrate the International Year of Chemistry was the Science Appreciation Day. Equipments and chemicals were moved from the lab to CCT atrium to create a Science Carnival. A lot of exciting and amazing experiments and demonstrations were shown. Students in science and non- science disciplines had the opportunity to observe science phenomena and also "appreciate" science with the rest of the world.

2nd Annual Science Formal

At the end of the academic year, ECPS collaborated with EBS, PAUSE and IVNVI presented the 2nd Annual Science Formal, more than 200 people had attended this event. Having organized all these events, ECPS made used of the available funding wisely in every single spending.

We also successfully received the Ian Orchard Student Initiative Fund and also the Dean's Academic Society Prize. These extra awards provided majority of the funding for the events we ran for the International Year of Chemistry to make our 2010-2011 school year extremely successful.

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Our Goals

We are here to serve you! Please see the "About Us" section for more information about ECPS. Our goals are the following:

  • To assist students in their academic achievements
  • To facilitate interaction and enhance positive relationship between the students and the faculty as well as between undergraduate students and graduate students
  • To increase the awareness of chemical and physical sciences into the general public

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