About ECPS

ECPS stands for the Erindale Chemical and Physical Sciences Society and is a student organization for chemistry and physics students, as well as earth science and astronomy. It is the student society associated with the Chemical and Physical Sciences Department at UTM (The University of Toronto at Mississauga).

We have three main goals:

  • To assist students in their academic achievements
  • To facilitate interaction and enhance positive relationship between the students and the faculty as well as between undergraduate students and graduate students
  • To increase the awareness of chemical and physical sciences into the general public

We achieve these goals by holding academic and/or social events and by providing services. Academic events are designed to help you succeed in your field of study and include workshops to help you with course work and also events based on research and future careers. Social events are geared to enrich your university experience. The services provided by ECPS help assist students in both their academic and social life.

Academic Events: Excel Workshops, Lab Tours and Lab Report Workshops, Professional Symposium, NSERC career talk night

Social Events: ECPS opening night, Meet the Prof Night, Periodic Table Campaign and Science Formal

Services offered: Past Tests, Newsletters, Mentorship Program, YouTube Chemistry Campaign, ECPS Products


Please visit our "Awards" page for more information on ECPS's achievements in the past year.

Meet the Exec!

Read about the executive board for ECPS for the year of 2014-15 below.

President: Aakash Patel
You ready? Allon-sy! I am currently a 4rd year student here at UTM and I am double majoring in Biology and Chemistry. Coming into university, I didnít really have much of a map planned out as to what I wanted to do here. However, I decided to let my open mind be my sail in my journey through university. Upon starting at UTM, I reinforced my interest in biology as well as developed a new liking for chemistry. Apart from Academics, I work as a teaching assistant for first year chemistry courses here at UTM. I also work as a Peer Leadership coach for the Department of Student Life. In my free time, I enjoy playing and watching Tennis. In addition to being a die-hard Rafa Nadal fan, I am also a huge Manchester United, New England Patriots, Toronto Maple Leafs fan. I also take my favorite TV shows very seriously as I make it a habit of watching them the very night the new episodes to come out. When people ask me how I get time to do all this, I tell them that a person that works hard enough never runs out of time.

Vice President: Amandeep Taank
Hi everyone! I am Amandeep Taank, the Vice President for ECPS this year. I am pursuing a specialist in Biological Chemistry as well as a minor in Biology. As any university student I have had my ups and downs and I didn't really know what I was doing with my life and I still don't (so don't ask me about it). Aside from academics I am a facilitated study group leader for Organic Chemistry, an executive for EBS, a personal tutor and I volunteer often for the Conservative Party. In my free time I enjoy playing and watching basketball as well as keeping up with my favorite TV shows. I am looking forward to a successful school year and I hope to see most of you at our events!

Event Coordinator: Harpreet Khangura
Hey everyone! My name is Harpreet Khangura. I am a third year student pursuing a double major in Chemistry and Biology for Health Sciences. This is my first year being a part of the ECPS team and I am very excited to be serving as one of the event coordinators. In my spare time, I enjoy running, cooking and volunteering for community organizations. It is very important to me to find a balance between my school and extracurricular work. So I hope to fulfill the duties of my position and work along with the other two event coordinators in organizing amazing events for UTM students. --- Best Wishes, Harpreet Khangura

Event Coordinator: Shiavax Rao
Hi everyone! My name is Shiavax and I am currently in my fourth and final year of my studies in Life Sciences, majoring in Chemistry and Biology. I have been an executive of ECPS for the past year serving as the webmaster of the society. Being elected as this year's Event Coordinator, I will do my best to ensure that ECPS's members and all other students gain a valuable and enriching experience by attending our events. Aside from academics and ECPS, I'm also currently serving as the President of the Erindale Biology Society (EBS), enabling me to be well aware of the functioning and operations of UTM's academic societies. Additionally, I'm a chemistry TA and have been an FSG leader in the past for several chemistry and physics courses, which makes me confident that my experiences will allow me to be a great mentor to students at UTM. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming year and meeting most of you at our events!

Event Coordinator: Qasim Muhammad
Hey everyone. I'm currently entering my 4th year and will be one of your events coordinator. I'm currently doing a molecular bio specialist (don't judge me. mistakes were made) and a chem minor. I hope to pursue engineering after this year! Anyway, I'll try my best to be the most clutch exec yet. I'm sweeter man, so just holla at me if you need help in any course or anything.

Ad Director: Seo Hyun Lee (Sunny)
Hello everyone, I am going into my 4th year and I am studying biology, chemistry, and environmental science. I have been an executive in ECPS for the past two years. I look forward to meeting all of you through ECPS, and if you have any questions about the society or being an ad director, feel free to drop by my office hours!

Webmaster: Harjeet Soor (Harry)
Hey guys, my name is Harry and I will be serving as the webmaster for the 2014/2015 year. I have gained a ton of experience being a FSG leader for several chemistry courses, alongside having a strong research experience. I believe the skills I have acquired through undergradudate studies will not only make me a great webmaster, but also a contributing member in all areas of our club.

Finance Minister: Amitoj Sachdeva
Hi everyone, I am Amitoj and I am currently a 4th year Molecular Biology student. I am serving as the Finance Minister for ECPS during 2014-2015 and I look forward to meeting you all at our events. I would be glad to answer any of your questions regarding ECPS or UTM in general throughout the year.

Secretary: Jasmandeep Deol
Hey all, my name is Jasmandeep, and currently a second year Life Sciences student pursuing a potential major in Chemistry. I will be your ECPS secretary for this year. In essence, my job is to monitor and manage the clubroom by organizing test packages, office hours, supplies, and more. I look forward to actively participating in this society working alongside individuals, and meeting great new members!

Member at Large: Rono Khan
Hey everyone, I am starting my second year this fall and am pursuing a double major in Biology and Chemistry. First year was a great experience and I plan to keep that momentum going into this year. In addition to being Member at Large for ECPS, I am also an executive for the UTM PrePharmacy club, and event director for the UTM Debate Club. I enjoy playing basketball and watching movies in my spare time. My goal this year is to be as involved as possible on campus, and I look forward to working with the society to enrich the UTM experience for everyone.

2012-13 Executives

President: Kevin Jiang
Vice President: Stephen Mac
Finance Minister: Jennifer Tsoi
Event Coordinators: Najma Aryan, Ji Park, Dan Dicenzo
Ad Director: Stephanie Ho
Secretary: Yan Sourtaev
Member at Large: Seo Lee
Webmaster: Lubna Waheed


The process of becoming a member is just paying $5 membership fee during clubs week or office hours. Benefits of membership include receiving discounts on test packages and events.

Please note you are still able to attend events or make us of the services offered if you are not a member. And you also do not have to be studying Chemical and Physical Sciences!

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Our Goals

We are here to serve you! Please see the "About Us" section for more information about ECPS. Our goals are the following:

  • To assist students in their academic achievements
  • To facilitate interaction and enhance positive relationship between the students and the faculty as well as between undergraduate students and graduate students
  • To increase the awareness of chemical and physical sciences into the general public

Contact Us

Feel free to drop by our office during office hours! Please visit our "Contact Us" section for more contact information.

3359 Mississauga Road North,
Mississauga, Ontario, L5L 1C6
Student Centre
Room 233

E-mail: ecpsutm@gmail.com