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ECPS Elections

Posted on March 31, 2014

Hi everyone.
Please get your votes in by April 4th (Friday) to Please indicate who you want for each position. If there is no indication of how many people to choose for a position, please choose only one person.

Here are the applicants:

(1) Aakash Patel
I currently serve as an event coordinator for ECPS and I have had experience with planning and hosting process. Also I have held various leadership positions for Student Life during the past academic year under my work study position as a Peer Academic Leader. I believe this experience will help me fulfill the duties as President of this society and help maintain ECPSs outstanding reputation in UTM community.

(1) Amandeep Taank
Hi everyone! I am Amandeep Taank, the Vice President for ECPS this year. I am pursuing a specialist in Biological Chemistry as well as a minor in Biology. As any university student I have had my ups and downs and I didn't really know what I was doing with my life and I still don't (so don't ask me about it). Aside from academics I am a facilitated study group leader for Organic Chemistry, an executive for EBS, a personal tutor and I volunteer often for the Conservative Party. In my free time I enjoy playing and watching basketball as well as keeping up with my favorite TV shows. I am looking forward to a successful school year and I hope to see most of you at our events!

(1) Amitoj Sachdeva
I have experience working with both EBS and ECPS. I have worked as the Treasurer for ECPS during 2013-2014. I am a reliable individual with good problem solving, leadership, organizational and interpersonal skills. I understand the position very well and I also understand the weaknesses of the society, which I can work upon if elected next year.

EVENT COORDINATORS (pick up to 3 people)
(1) Harpreet Khangura
Hey everyone! My name is Harpreet Khangura. I am a third year student pursuing a double major in Chemistry and Biology for Health Sciences. This is my first year being a part of the ECPS team and I am very excited to be serving as one of the event coordinators. In my spare time, I enjoy running, cooking and volunteering for community organizations. It is very important to me to find a balance between my school and extracurricular work. So I hope to fulfill the duties of my position and work along with the other two event coordinators in organizing amazing events for UTM students. --- Best Wishes, Harpreet Khangura

(2) Shiavax Rao
Hi everyone! My name is Shiavax and I'm currently in my fourth and final year of my studies in Life Sciences, majoring in Chemistry and Biology. I have been an executive of ECPS for the past year serving as the webmaster of the society. Being elected as this years Event Coordinator, I will do my best to ensure that ECPS's members and all other students gain a valuable and enriching experience by attending our events. Aside from academics and ECPS, Im also currently serving as the President of the Erindale Biology Society (EBS), enabling me to be well aware of the functioning and operations of UTMs academic societies. Additionally, Im a chemistry TA and have been an FSG leader in the past for several chemistry and physics courses, which makes me confident that my experiences will allow me to be a great mentor to students at UTM. Im really looking forward to the upcoming year and meeting most of you at our events!

(3) Rabiya Noori
I love running events. This year I was event coordinator for MCSS and also helped out with events for MSA. I also love physics so I think Id be the perfecttt fit for this position.

(1) Jasmandeep Deol
My name is Jasmandeep, and currently enrolled as a Life Sciences student pursuing a potential major in Chemistry. My skills and experiences make me an outstanding candidate for the position of a Secretary. Actively holding the position of a Secretary in ECPS this 2012-2013 year, and volunteering for numerous organizations within the community have allowed me to look at new experiences and opportunities with an open mind. Given the opportunity to become a secretary again would allow me to continuously participate in this society working alongside individuals, allowing me to provide my own insight for matters concerning the ECPS, and grow as a leader.

(2) Qasim Muhammad
Hey everyone. I'm currently entering my 4th year and will be one of your events coordinator. I'm currently doing a molecular bio specialist (don't judge me. mistakes were made) and a chem minor. I hope to pursue engineering after this year! Anyway, I'll try my best to be the most clutch exec yet. I'm sweeter man, so just holla at me if you need help in any course or anything.

(1)Seo Hyun Lee (Sunny)
Hello everyone, I am going into my 4th year and I am studying biology, chemistry, and environmental science. I have been an executive in ECPS for the past two years. I look forward to meeting all of you through ECPS, and if you have any questions about the society or being an ad director, feel free to drop by my office hours!

(1)Harjeet Soor
Hello, my name is Harry and I am currently a fourth year student pursuing a Bio/Chem double major. I will be the Webmaster for ECPS for this current year.

(1) Rono Khan
Hey everyone, I am starting my second year this fall and am pursuing a double major in Biology and Chemistry. First year was a great experience and I plan to keep that momentum going into this year. In addition to being Member at Large for ECPS, I am also an executive for the UTM PrePharmacy club, and event director for the UTM Debate Club. I enjoy playing basketball and watching movies in my spare time. My goal this year is to be as involved as possible on campus, and I look forward to working with the society to enrich the UTM experience for everyone.

Lab Competition

Posted on March 24, 2014

There is a lab competition event that will take place on April 2nd from 4pm to 6pm in room 3075 (Undergraduate labs).
There are only 10 spaces, so if you would like to compete please send an email to by this Sunday (March 30th). Include your full name, student number, and major.

Please note, you must have taken a lab course this year to participate, so that you are knowledgeable about safety precautions in the lab.

The judges will be: Professor Poe, Professor Krish, and a graduate student.
The prizes will be: 1st place - $100 gift card, 2nd place - $50 gift card, 3rd place - $25 gift card.

ECPS Elections

Posted on March 24, 2014

Here is the ECPS election form for 2014, the deadline to hand them in will be March 28th. Interviews will be on the 29th. Campaigning will occur this same week. Elections will be held April 3-5th by an unbiased impartial director. Please email your application to Tell your friends and classmates! This is a great volunteering experience, perfect if you would like to get involved with a great academic society, perfect if you are looking to develop a relationship with the CPS department and more!

Again the positions are:

(1) President (Needs at least 1 year of experience as an executive member of ECPS)
(2) Vice President (Needs at least 1 year of experience as an executive member of ECPS)
(3) Secretary
(4) 3 event coordinators (1 head event coordinator, 1 academic event coordinator and 1 social event coordinator. Jobs and responsibilities are divided)
(5) Advertising Director
(6) Web Master
(7) Treasurer
(8) 2-3 members at large (or if you want to call them class reps.

Professional Symposium!

Posted on February 4, 2014

Southwestern Ontario undergrad student conference

Posted on February 4, 2014

Professor Piunno and his colleagues in the department of physical and chemical sciences will be holding the SOUSC conference at UTM next year. If you are going to be attending UTM next year, want to be a part of ECPS, and are also going to (or are interested in) doing research in your fourth year, you should attend this event. Your job next year if you're here to run the conference, with ECPS and the CPS department, will be booking rooms, ordering food, booking lecture halls, reading abstracts, and guiding presentation (15min). You can also enter an abstract from your current research (this year) to the conference being held at the university of Windsor.

Deadline to hand in abstract: March 15th Registration deadline: March 22nd cost - including a lunch and dinner $50 (can be paid by your lab supervisor!)
Visit the website for more info! (

ICC2014 - International Conference on Chemical Education sponsored by IUPAC (

Posted on February 4, 2014

ECPS is looking for people who are interested in volunteering for this event which will be held on July 13th to 18th 2014. This conference will have mostly professors and chemistry teachers giving presentations, however students are also allowed to participate.

The conference will be held downtown in both St. George and the Toronto Metro Convention Center.
Student volunteers will help with registration, act as guides for guests, and can act as resident technicians during lectures (helping with equipment and lighting). Volunteers will receive free lunches throughout the week, a t-shirt, and of course, great volunteering experience!

Winter Semester Office Hours

Posted on January 12, 2014

Office hours for the winter semester will start the week of January 13th, 2014. Please check the "Office Hours" page for further details about timings and locations.

Grad School Workshop - Meet the TA Night!

Posted on November 18, 2013

ECPS Meet the Prof Night!

Posted on October 19, 2013

Graduate Visitation Weekend at the Department of Chemistry, University of Calgary

Posted on October 15, 2013

Department of Chemistry,University of Calgary, February 21-23, 2014

Our department will organize a prospective student visitation weekend on February 21-23, 2014 for those interested in pursuing Graduate School in chemistry. Prospective students will be invited to travel to Calgary and get to know our faculty and students, as well as the city and area. We will cover all reasonable travel-related costs for the selected applicants. The application deadline is December 23, 2013. This event is advertised on our webpage:
and in addition, an application form can be found here

Dr. Roland Roesler
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of Calgary
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, AB, T2N 1N4

Phone: (403) 220 5366
FAX: (403) 289 9488

Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt

Posted on October 3, 2013

The Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt will take place on October 7th to October 11th. Approximately 22 elements will be hidden around the campus each day, for anyone to find. If you find an element, please return it to the periodic table board located in the CCT Link from 10am to 3pm. You will receive a small prize for bringing back an element, and at the end of the event all the element discoverers will enter a draw. Three lucky element discoverers will win great prizes. Happy hunting everyone!

1st prize : $25 gift card, 2 movie tickets, ECPS t-shirt, ECPS merchandise, candy bag
2nd prize: 2 movie tickets, ECPS t-shirt, ECPS merchandise, candy bag
3rd prize: ECPS merchandise, candy bag

ECPS Opening Night!

Posted on September 27, 2013

The votes are in! Meet your 2013-2014 ECPS Executives!

Posted on August 21, 2013

The votes are in and below are the ECPS execs for the 2013-2014 period. Congratulations to the new executives!

President: Najma Aryan
Vice President: Ji Park
Event Coordinators: Seo Lee, Rabiya Noori and Aakash Patel
Ad Director: Grace Yip
Webmaster: Shiavax Rao
Finance Minister: Amitoj Sachdeva
Secretary: Jasmandeep Deol
Member at large: Amandeep Taank

Election Voting for the 2013-14 Exec!

Posted on April 1, 2013

Voting for next year's ECPS executive team has started! Please read through the following personal statements of the candidates for the executive team of 2013-2014. The last day to vote is Friday, April 5; instructions on how to vote are posted below.

How to vote:
Send an email from your mail.utoronto email account to by Friday, April 5 according to the following template:

[Voter's name]
Presidential candidates: Najma Aryan
Vice-Presidential candidates: Jisung Park
Event Coordinator candidates (choose 3): Seo Hyun (Sunny) Lee, Rabiya Noori, Aakash Patel, Amrusha Shah
Secretarial candidates: Jasmandeep Deol
Finance Minister candidates: Amitoj Sachdeva
Advertising Director candidates: Grace Yip
Webmaster candidates: Shiavax Rao
Member-at-Large candidates: Amandeep Taank

To vote for a candidate, put his/her name on BOLDFACE.

Even if there is only one candidate for a position, we still require a yes/no vote indicated by boldfacing the candidate's name. Voters may only vote once and votes will be tallied after Friday, April 5, the last day of voting.

Good Luck to all the candidates!

Executive Position Candidate Candidate's Personal Statement
President Najma Aryan Hi, my name is Najma Aryan. This year I am running for President. I will be entering my fourth year at UTM. I am doing a double major in Biology and Philosophy and minoring in Chemistry. I entered UTM under the Chemical and Physical Sciences program, however I became quite fond of ethical biology and wanted to major in Philosophy so I could open the potential of a future legal career. I am still not quite sure about what I would like to do with my degree, but I'm positive that I will bring both great social and academic ECPS events! I have some good plans for the upcoming year for ECPS, so stick around!
Vice President Jisung Park My name is Ji, and I am running for the vice-president for 2013-2014. I have started playing my role in the society as a member-at-large. Then, I found it really cool and fun to organize the events and provide useful resources to the society. So, I became an event coordinator. For 2012-2013, I will ensure that the society has more and better events organized. I really hope that the members get the most benefits of being in the society.
Event Coordinator Seo Hyun (Sunny) Lee Hello, my name is Sunny and I would like to be an event coordinator at ECPS for the year 2013-2014. I was a member-at-large at ECPS this year, and I helped out the current event coordinators in running their events, so I am fairly comfortable with the duties of an event coordinator. If I am elected as an event coordinator, I will do my best to run events that create opportunities for CPS students to interact with each other, and with the CPS department. I hope to create events that improve your experiences as an undergrad student at UTM. Thank you.!
Event Coordinator Rabiya Noori I love running events. This year I was event coordinator for MCSS and also helped out with events for MSA. I also love physics so I think I’d be the perfecttt fit for this position.
Event Coordinator Aakash Patel My name is Aakash Patel and I am currently in my second year at UTM, double majoring in Biology and Chemistry. I have been involved with a variety of organizations at UTM in my short stay at UTM. I was a volunteer for the UTM Office of Registrar, Admissions Office, Pre-medical club and the accessibility centre during my first year. I currently serve as a facilitated study group leader for the Robert Gillespie Academic Learning Centre in a first year chemistry and physics course and I am an active volunteer on the Health and Counselling Center's Healthy Campus Crew. I am a physics and chemistry enthusiast and I like to read details about interesting concepts and phenomena that catch my eye. As an event coordinator, I have new events ideas such as a student professor trivia competition and a science week consisting of games and talks from professors and graduate students during the first month of school.
Event Coordinator Amrusha Shah I am a friendly and an approachable person who likes to stay active. I am good at planning, organizing and promoting events. I have organized multicultural shows and various other highschool events. In addition to that, I have been a tattoo artist (airbrush, glitter and henna tattoos) and I like doing creative work. My hobbies include drawing, listening to music, cooking, and playing team sports. Moreover, I enjoy decorating and helping others; so I feel that this position suits me really well.
Secretary Jasmandeep Deol My name is Jasmandeep, and currently enrolled as a Life Sciences student pursuing a potential major in Chemistry. My skills and experiences make me an outstanding candidate for the position of a Secretary. Actively being involved in many positions through high school, and volunteering for numerous organizations within the community have allowed me to look at new experiences and opportunities with an open mind. Becoming a Secretary would allow me to actively participate in this society working alongside individuals, allowing me to provide my own insight for matters concerning the ECPS, and grow as a leader.
Finance Minister Amitoj Sachdeva I am individual with excellent teamwork, leadership, organizational, problem solving and communication skill. I am currently involved in EBS as a Student Representative Coordinator and as well as a Promotions Director in Erindale Punjabi Association. I am dedicated, responsible, hardworking and as well as creative. I would really like to expand and further develop my skills and grow as an individual as part of the ECPS team.
Advertising Director Grace Yip I like to describe myself as an individual who aspires to be awesome. To be awesome, I show traits of being responsible and very organized. Being awesome on your own is no fun, so an essential part of my being awesome means working well in groups and communicating my ideas. I am extremely meticulous with my work and you can see more at
Webmaster Shiavax Rao I am a hard-working, dedicated individual and I always perform all of my duties with a high degree of enthusiasm and eagerness. I always strive to achieve my goals in academics as well as extra-curricular activities. I’m currently in my second year of chemistry studies at UTM and would love to be part of the executive team of a society that serves the chemistry and physics students of UTM. I am involved in volunteering on campus, as an FSG leader for first year CHM120, PHY136 and PHY137. Additionally, I volunteer in my community as an Emergency Department Volunteer at Brampton Civic Hospital. I am also currently the Office Administrator of EBS and have gained thorough knowledge of the operation of clubs recognized by UTMSU. I hope to use all of this knowledge I have gained, along with my leadership experiences to work efficiently as the webmaster of ECPS and keep members informed during the 2013-2014 academic year.
Member-at-Large Amandeep Taank My name is Amandeep Taank and I am running to become the next Member-at-Large with ECPS. I am a full-time student currently enrolled in a Molecular Biology Specialist and a Chemistry Minor. I feel that as a member-at-large, I can make the voice of ECPS be heard at a larger scale. I believe I have built and perfected the skills required to perform my duties efficiently. For instance, during my years in high school, I helped run a volunteer science help room to tutor students in grade 10-12 with difficulties in science. I also have done well over 300 hours of political canvassing and event coordinating. Thus, communicating with people and approaching issues with a problem solving approach is one of my strengths. Hence, if elected as a member-at-large I will ensure that the students in the chemical and physical sciences are fully informed of various events held by ECPS and communication between students and the society is improved.

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